Friday, September 23, 2016

East West Bank

I find it quite disturbing that a lot of posters here have complained about the bank.
It is not unique.
all banks refer defaulted credit cards to collection agencies.

Please be guided as follows :

1. NEVER deal thru telephone. common sense - hinde mo kilala ang kausap mo.
2. Refer to BSP Cir. 702 Series of 2010 for  your authorized collector thru a "referral code"
3. NEGOTIATE personally provided the collector shows his authority/ supporting LEGAL documents.
4. In case of doubt, refer him to meet you in court para legal lahat. masama ba yun?
5. Unfair collection practices( BSP Cir. 454 Series of 2004)  is now a CRIMINAL ACT under RA 10870.

kung may problema ka pa dyan,
kasalanan mo na.

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