Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Payroll Account

A bank advertisement goes like this :

"XYZ Bank" offers the Payroll Savings Account with a low minimum initial deposit, no maintaining balance and an interest-bearing payroll that will protect and grow the hard-earned wages of the employees 

if you have a defaulted card in your payroll bank,
have your account tagged as "PAYROLL"

I know some banks ( MBTC) and some managers (BDO) are not using common , moral and legal sense.

1. they take away your salary kasi you signed the Card Agreement.
  di mag-resign ka na lang. useless pala mag-trabaho pa.

2. Where is their morality? gusto ka nilang gugutomin at patayin? Every Sunday pa yan  sa church.

3. is it legal? - Sec. 13 Rule 39 ng Rules of Court ay pinag-babawal ito AFTER there is a court decision.
    what more kung wala pa ng kaso.
   Under the Labor Code, Sec. 113, kahit nga AMO/BOSS hinde puede mag-kaltas without your approval.

excessive, immoral and unconscionable bank manager.
kahit bawal ay gagawin kasi wala naman daw tayong pera para ikaso sila!

my heart bleeds.....
ask your lawyer friends for opinion and diskarte.